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by Nelson Salazar, CPI® and AEC Inspections Services Backflow is the reversal of the normal and intended direction of water flow in a water system. Devices and assemblies known as backflow preventers are installed to prevent backflow, which can contaminate potable water supplies. Why is backflow a problem? Backflow is a potential problem in a […]

Do You Remember Your Last Wind Mitigation Inspection?

Every year, millions of homeowners gear up for hurricane season with stocked pantries, backup generators, and evacuation plans. But the most important step you can take to prepare might be the one you’re overlooking: a wind mitigation inspection. The wind mitigation inspection is often the forgotten sibling in the family of home inspections. Initially conducted […]

FHA 203k Loans: A Comprehensive Guide for Homebuyers The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) 203k loan has been a preferred financing solution for many homebuyers since the 1990s. However, as home prices and mortgage rates continue to rise, some potential homebuyers are wondering whether 203k loans still make sense in today’s housing market. Our answer? A […]