Aerial Imagery Service for Property Management

Our Solutions for Property Management

AEC Inspection Services provides high-resolution aerial images, video, and maps across South Florida for properties and work sites of all types. Drone inspections equip property managers with the necessary insights they need to identify a potential issue and take preventive action to avoid a hefty repair bill. Our proprietary flight plans include thorough roof & equipment inspections, landscape review, parking lot & common area maintenance, investor & regulatory due diligence, natural disaster outcome, marketing & sales, and many more.

Data Solutions for Property Management

Make better-informed, real-time decisions about your properties at scale. AEC Inspection Services’ solutions include thermal drone inspections, commercial property reports, and most reliable drone flight operations. Learn more about how we can support your business with fast, affordable, and reliable information today.

Parking Lot Inspections

Drones can obtain imagery on pavement conditions so you can find stress cracks and wear faster than ever.

Roof & Asset Inspection

Safely inspect hard to access areas with standard or thermal imagery to evaluate roof conditions, water damage, and more.

Marketing & More

Illustrate proximity to nearby roads and other features with a bird’s-eye view and angles only a drone can capture.

Property Report

Actionable, near real-time data of your commercial properties.

The Aerial Inspection Solution

AEC Inspection Services is the best-in-class, South Florida drone service provider for aerial imagery & data. We deliver daily commercial drone flights providing reliable, high-quality aerial data of commercial, residential, and industrial properties as well as other critical assets and infrastructure empowering Property Management companies to make faster, better decisions.

Receive actionable information from the sky for better, real-time decisions across residential, commercial, industrial, and other assets.

Parking Lots

HVAC & Asset Inspections

High-Resolution Roof Reports

Thermal Roof Inspections

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Whether you’re managing job sites, subcontractors, or clients, our drone-based solutions deliver a flexible, cost-effective way to add aerial intelligence to your project management toolset.