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Professional Drone Faced Inspections Services

AEC Inspection Services facade inspection, documentation, and execution using the latest technologies to address our client’s needs. We provide services for South Florida HOA and Private Developers. One essential service AEC performs is facade inspections to comply with local facade ordinance requirements. These required periodic inspections help identify unsafe or hazardous conditions which can impact public or occupant safety.

Facade ordinance inspections are performed under the supervision of or by a licensed professional in general accordance with ASTM E2270 “Standard Practice for Periodic Inspection of Building Facades for Unsafe Conditions” and ASCE 30 “Guideline for Condition Assessment of the Building Envelope”, as required by local authorities. AEC has the knowledgeable and experienced professionals available to coordinate and perform the facade inspection, document unsafe or hazardous conditions, and provide the written report required to satisfy the local facade ordinance.

AEC Inspection Services offers aerial mapping and topographic mapping services through the use of its UAS (commonly known as drones). Aerial mapping has been made easy and accessible thanks to the ease that comes with using drones for aerial services.

AEC Inspection Services’ aerial mapping solutions allow stakeholders to receive high-definition topographic maps delivered in a timely fashion (AutoCAD, etc.), along with updated Google Earth layers, and orthomosaic maps. Our customers enjoy real-time, high-definition, actionable data, eliminating the need to wait for weeks to get traditional ground survey results or rely on outdated public maps.

At AEC Inspection Services, we offer enterprise drone aerial mapping services that capture high-resolution three-dimensional terrain measurements with precision and accuracy. Our drone services are vertically integrated to add value to the agriculture, utilities, construction, and energy industries. AEC Inspection Services’ aerial surveying service is a full end-to-end solution where AEC Inspection Services’ licensed UAV pilots conduct the surveys, processes all the data in-house, and then delivers actionable data and media to our customers.

Facade Inspection

Façade inspection has become a growing area of concern and expense for property management companies, facilities management companies, building owners, and contractors. Historically in order for structural engineers to effectively inspect vertical facades efficiently, would erect very complex and time-consuming scaffolding systems, swing stages, and bucket trucks just to look at the side of a building.

Progress Videography

The same goes for Progress Videography Services for project managers, superintendents, and project owners. Select weekly, monthly, or quarterly frequency and we’ll deliver high resolution, low altitude aerial videography for a comprehensive view of the site. Not only can you use AEC Inspection Services Progress Videography for project meetings, but you can also use it for your company’s marketing efforts.

Roof, HVAC, & Building Envelope Inspection

AEC Inspection Services, are used by quality control managers and facilities management / operations managers for regular inspection (both visible and infrared) throughout South Florida. Save time and money while reducing liability with thermal imagery inspections by drone. Get highly detailed, geometrically-accurate imaging representations of your worksite.

3D Modeling Services

Use aerial drone imagery to generate 3D models of your site, stockpile measurements, and more AEC Inspection Services, offers 3D modeling services to architects and engineers through the use of drone photogrammetry. We help to implement 3D scanning techniques into the project management process. Through photorealistic models produced from photogrammetry, the virtual design process now has the benefit of real-world data – accurate to the centimeter of actual conditions.

Monitor, Measure, and Manage Smarter

Track, map, survey, inspect, and manage your worksite projects with real time data collected by our AEC Inspection Team. Construction drone services and aerial data is the innovative solution to deliver sophisticated analytics or provide a visual progress report to stakeholders. AEC Inspection Team has worked on construction sites in South Florida for the last 10 years and holds all the necessary insurance to perform the job safely and under compliance.

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